With our creative solutions; we offer innovative solutions that improve the business processes of our customers and design innovations that make life easier.

We propose projects and processes that are in line with business goals by investigating technological solutions in the direction of our customers' business development and high management performance goals.

We provide technology guidance to our customers; we are living through these technological applications with corporate and sectoral boutique software, internet and mobile applications, business intelligence applications and many other IT specialist activities and support.


To use current software technologies and best practices of software engineering; we develop and manage enterprise applications, web applications and mobile applications.

We reflect our customer experience with our cadres, knowledge and sectoral operation experience.

Our goal is to develop products that best suit the needs of our customers and ensure customer satisfaction.


We ensure that your organization's data can be managed in an optimal with wide and reliable facilities.

All our solutions are passed on in the direction of our continuity strategy and superior security approach.

Services we grant you

Project and Process Management

At the beginning of Project and Process Management, we analyze the business processes of companies, increase efficiency in processes, IT Consultancy, carefully evaluating and implementing the modules that constitute a whole.

Software Development and Implementation

We take corporate software needs of companies and develop them in line with technological trends in line with the standards. By providing integration with internal and external systems; testing, system and user acceptance tests and providing services related to the production environment. We also provide automation of basic business processes and prepare common package software that can be used by all companies.

Mobile Development and Implementation

We analyze in detail the developments in the technology and the changing business needs in the context of Mobile Application Development service that meets the needs of companies in mobile area. We design, code and unit test mobile software needs that are communicated by other teams in our company in accordance with company standards. We support the system and user acceptance tests and provide services related to the production environment

Business Intelligence and Reporting Applications

We thoroughly address all your work within the scope of Business Intelligence and Reporting. In this scope, we are doing operational analysis, designing and developing data warehouse design and development, business process design, business intelligence solutions, Dashboard applications needs analysis.

Digital Transition

As COLAB, we are passionate about all kinds of interactive projects in line with the needs of the companies. New channels follow the sector / non-sectoral innovations around the world; we investigate and implement customer-friendly online access methods. We offer interactive solutions that meet the needs of the companies in line with the demands of the companies, project these solutions with appropriate strategies and check the applicability of the proposed projects.

Microsoft Services

As COLAB; CRM, Field Services, Mobile Solutions, Product, Inventory, Logistics, Sales, Purchasing, Asset Management. We design and develop on the Microsoft .NET platform and put it into practice.